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Mahira Khan shuts down social media user trying to troll her son

Mahira Khan, as an actor and humanitarian, is the most humble person you’d ever come across. However, as a mother, she’s fierce and she just won’t let anyone get away with trolling her son.

This time, Mahira set straight a social media user who tried to call out her son and herself for using her celebrity status.

It all started with Mahira Khan’s son, Azlan, who posted a tweet from Mahira’s Twitter handle.
The tweet addressed Junichi Masuda, the director of Pokemon, and was done by Azlan, Mahira’s son, who thought to put his mother’s celebrity status to good use.

“@Junichi_Masuda Hello, I am Azlan Askari. Me and my friend have made a Pokémon. We have made the design, the name, the type & the evolutions. Can I have an email to contact you? I am a massive fan of Pokémon and it would make my dream come true if you put my Pokémon in the game,” read the tweet.

Although we find nothing wrong with a young boy trying to use a source, that he’s totally worth, people didn’t be so subtle about it and started sending hate on the actress stating if someone could take internet access from celebrities during the quarantine.

Mahira, who is rather amicable in dealing with trolls usually, got straight to business with this one, putting the troll in its place.

“That’s my son using my twitter. He has spent this whole month making a kick a** Pokémon animation & asked me if he could some way email or msg this man. If only you had bothered reading. Hope you can use your internet for better things, oh also, celebrity and super proud,” wrote Mahira on her Twitter, answering the troll straight off.

You go Mahira! Don’t let anyone tell you or Azlan what to do!

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