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Mahira Khan visits Facebook, Google HQ representing Shaukat Khanam Hospital

Mahira Khan has been winning love from all across the globe for not only her dramas and films but also for her humanitarian work to make the world a better place.

The actor is visiting the Facebook and Google headquarters in California representing Pakistan’s largest cancer medical facility, Shaukat Khanam Hospital.

She posted pictures from her tour on Instagram and fans were in awe of her commitment.

The actor after her talk at Facebook thanked on her Instagram:


“Thank you @facebook for having us. On behalf of @shaukatkhanum we visited the campus and had a great talk there. Through Facebook we have been raising awareness for years now and hopefully will continue to do so.”

Her trip to raise awareness for the cancer institute was a success and she was grateful for the opportunity


“I am not a tech geek but man I was geeking out at Google headquarters! Can’t wait to go back, had a greeaaaat time. We at Shaukat Khanum are grateful for the support. P.S Its true’ Google does know everything,” she stated on Instagram regarding her visit to the Google HQ.

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