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Mansha Pasha prefers Hasan Minhaj over Kumail Nanjiani

Mansha Pasha, makes very less public statements but when she does, she surely has a point. This time, the Laal Kabootar actress had opened up about preferring Hasan Minhaj over Kumail Nanjiani any time, as she thinks the later is an apologist.

Taking to Twitter, Mansha shared her thoughts.

“I like Hasan Minhaj so much more than Kumail Nanjian. Correct me if I’m wrong but Nanjiani seems like an apologist (his movie showed desi women to be blubbering idiots) where as Hasan is more balanced imho,” wrote Mansha.

Mansha is referring to Nanjiani’s award winning film The Big Sick in which Nanjiani not only starred but also co-wrote with his wife, Emily V. Gordon.

She also added that since both Hasan and Kumail were desi comedians, therefore she didn’t think it was an unfair comparison.


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