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Mansha Pasha speaks up against the fatal act of bullying children

'Bullying is literally killing children!' the actress wrote on Twitter.

Mansha PashaMansha Pasha speaks up against the fatal act of bullying children - OyeYeah News

Popular TV and film actress Mansha Pasha took to social media to raise awareness on how bullying adversely affects children, after a video of a nine-year-old Australian boy, Quaden Bayles went viral who was bullied at school and triggered a massive outpouring of support from across the world.

In the video, the child sobbed uncontrollably while asking his mother for a dagger to kill himself.

“Bullying is literally killing children! Kids being bullied want to either kill themselves or others!” the Laal Kabootar actress tweeted taking a stand against the fatal act.

The actress also urged parents to inculcate virtues like kindness and helping others in their children as this would eventually bring a change in the world.

“Want to change the world? Teach ur kids to be kind, to help others! Childhood is a wonderful period but if they learn hate, they will carry it for a long time!” Mansha concluded her tweet, sending out a strong message to all parents and adults out there.

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