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Marina Khan Contracts Coronavirus

Veteran actress turned director Marina Khan has tested positive for coronavirus.

Khan took to her Instagram account to share the health update with her fans and followers. In  a series of videos, she urged people to follow the SOPs and look after themselves

It is pertinent to mention here that the Tanhaiyaan star had been busy lately with the shoot of an upcoming drama, we get to know as behind the scene images and video clips circulating on social media.

“I have Covid-19,” the actress shared in a video. “This is me, my room and I am all alone for the next 14 days. I fought a lot, my friends would make fun of me now. I always had this idea of if it’s meant to happen, it will. We’ll deal with it at that time but when it really happens, that’s when you realize [that it’s very real].”


“It’s very real, it’s out there. So far, I have fatigue but it’s not as bad as earlier. Fever as well,” she added.

“Please look after yourselves. I shouldn’t have to dictate the necessary precautions we have to take to avoid Covid-19. I just have one thing to say: it’s Ramazan, it’s almost Eid. The fancy clothes, new clothes aren’t imperative. If you don’t wear new clothes one year, it’s not the end of the world.”

The Aulaad actor added that the real essence of Eid is to be celebrated with loved ones. “Don’t go shopping in malls. Protect yourselves and others,” she said.

“It is not as if it isn’t contagious. It’s everywhere, look around you.”

She also took note of the situation in India, saying that we should learn a lesson from our neighbor, and understand that our lapses might result in a similar outcome, and we must remain serious about the coronavirus and make sure we remain careful.



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