Mawra Hocane is Out and About to Clean Karachi, and It’s Commendable

The actress has vowed to do everything in her capacity to clean the city


Mawra Hocane who was lately in London for her Law studies has come to Karachi and one of the first initiatives she has taken has drawn praise from all corners.

Taking it to Twitter, the actress vowed to clean Karachi and fulfill her responsibility as the citizen of the metropolitan that’s left abandoned by the government.

“For the city, I now call HOME #LetsCleanKHI,” wrote Mawra.

“I’m back in Karachi this week & will do everything I can in my personal capacity or otherwise to clean up my beautiful beautiful city. Inshallah let’s make it greener & cleaner,” she added.

Mawra’s tweet was widely circulated and praised by people from all segments. PTI’s MNA from Karachi Ali Haider Zaidi too applauded the actress for her determination.

After the recent monsoon, Karachi’s plight of garbage has grown tenfold. With authorities keeping a blind eye to the country’s biggest city, several individuals have come forward with their efforts to clean the city. Let’s hope, Mawra and the likes of her succeed in their mission.


the authorAisha Arshad