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Mawra Hocane Normalizes Eve Teasing, Draws Twitter’s Ire

In an old footage the actress is seen casually calling eve teasing as 'fun'.

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If there’s one catastrophic combination for television, it’s that of Nida Yasir’s morning show finding guests with thoughtless banter. Such is the case seen in an old clip of the show which features Mawra Hocane, Kubra Khan, and Humayun Saeed. Now while we need to say more, a reminder of Mawra’s discussion regarding mental health on the show is enough to refresh nightmares for the audience.

This time, the Hocane sister casually termed eve-teasing as ‘fun’ and normalized it in the interview taken a few years back. Upon being asked by Nida “Has anyone ever teased you?” this is Mawra’s answer.

“I think that’s just Lahore’s fun, boys tease you with music roaring from their cars. I think that’s just the feel of Lahori Eid. So we don’t mind. It’s okay, keep looking at us,” said the Sabaat actress.

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“So even if someone teases you right now you won’t mind? Nida asked with somewhat uncertainty.

“Haan, koi baat nahi, tumhari bhi Eid hai (Yes, it doesn’t matter, it’s your Eid too),” she responded without a second’s thought.

The resurfaced clip has however left Twitter users irked and many have questioned Mawra over her insensibility. Some went as far as calling her statement cheap while others called her insensitive for not being empathetic.

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