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Meera Jee claims to be on target of land-grabbers, requests PM’s help

Meera Jee claims to be on the target of land-grabbers, requests PM’s help!

Controversies continue to surround Lollywood star, Meera Jee. This time the starlet came out claiming that her property, which she alleges is worth billions, has been grabbed illegally.

She has also requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action over the matter.

“I am being threatened by Mian Shahid Mahmood, he is a land-grabber who is trying to illegally take over my family’s property after agreeing to live there as a tenant. This person kidnapped my mother and now he is doing his best to get hold of my family property,” Meera said.

“I have submitted an application to CCPO Lahore as well, and appeal to the PM of Pakistan to take notice of this issue,” she added while talking to the local news outlet.

Baaji star added, “I have dedicated my entire career to this country, and I await the government’s response against property-grabbing elements.”

On the other hand, a citizen by the name of Mian Shahid Mahmood submitted an application to CCPO Lahore a few days ago.

The person claimed that he was defrauded by Meera’s mother Shafqat Zahra Bukhari and her brother Ahsan. 

“I purchased the property from Meera’s mother and also made the payment. However, when I asked for the property documents Shafqat Zahra did not hand them over,” Mian Shahid Mahmood said.

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