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Meera Jee is stuck in New York, asks PM Imran Khan for help

The USA has had a record number of COVID19 cases and now Meera Jee wants to come back home

meera-jee-in-usIn the posted video The actresses stated that she didn't want to die in a foreign land - OyeYeah News

Earlier this month, Meera Jee, one of Pakistan’s most popular actress had flown to USA for her film “Long Distance.”

The actress had posted videos of herself taking a stroll near the White House and generally enjoying her time in the US, but now it seems, she wants to come back home as the country has had a record number of coronavirus cases.

In a video message circulating on social media, Meera appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to arrange for her repartition as she is left helpless in America.

A distraught Meera shared that her Chinese cameraman has died and she is stranded without help from anyone.

“It is 2:00 am in New York City and I am confined in my room and addressing you (PM Imran). I had come to New York with several artists including Humayun Saeed for the shooting of a film and show. My colleagues have gone back to Pakistan but I am stuck in New York,” said the Baaji actress.

Meera also added that all her resources had run out and now, it was becoming tough for her to survive in NYC.

“I have no savings and my survival is difficult. New York is turning into a graveyard. Every day thousands of people are dying,” she added.

Feeling very emotional, the actresses stated that she didn’t want to die in a foreign land.

“Dear prime minister, you have always supported artists. All countries are bringing back their citizens to their homelands. I request you to please make arrangements for my repatriation to Pakistan as I wish to die in my country,” she urged.

“Saud is in Dallas and I am stuck in a terrible situation. A Chinese cameraman of my crew died after contracting COVID-19. I am scared. I have tried my best to reach out to Pakistani diplomats but none of them have helped me, ” stated Meera sharing that only she and actor Saud were in the USA while the rest of the actors had flown home.

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