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Meera praises Mahira Khan and that’s a first!

Mahira Khan might have won millions of fans all over the globe, however, she had failed to win Meera’s approval. Well, until now. The actor who has been known to make headlines due to more controversies than her work recently complimented the latter for her humanitarian efforts.

Meera addressed the social responsibilities that come along with fame, fortune and publicity.
She tweeted, “One of the women I admire – Angelina Jolie – said that when someone has a lot of fame, they also have a responsibility to give back to society. Otherwise, the popularity is of no use.”

She further added, “I applaud Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh for their initiatives and working with Afghan refugees. Especially children and more so, with girls.”

Meera has previously displayed her dislike towards the Humsafar actor on multiple occasions. “There are better actors so please stop promoting Mahira,” she had said.

However, it’s great to see women support each other instead of bringing each other down! We’re proud of you Meera Jee!

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