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After Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi Appears On TV

After a year-long social media fiasco between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar, it now seems like both the parties are willing to shift to television and reiterate their stance on the infamous harassment matter. Earlier it was Ali who was seen on television claiming his innocence and now Meesha has also come out to speak about her side of the story.

Speaking to Geo News anchor Shahzeb Khanzada last night Meesha said, “I tried for a very long time to move on from what had happened and not create a scene. I only took the matter to social media when I had no other option left.”

Referring to last year April – four months after Meesha was allegedly harassed – the singer was told of Ali joining a show she had been already working on. Meesha said she spoke to Ali’s representatives and shared her discomfort over working with Ali. She made ‘repeated attempts to pacify the issue privately’, as per the singer.


However after getting the response from Ali Zafar as “come to my house to speak” she took the matter out in the open, as she did not agree to his terms.

“There came a time I realized that if I am teaching my children about speaking up if God forbid something of this sort happens with them, then why am I silent? I realized it was enough, I had to set an example and speak up rather than trying to brush it under the carpet,” said the Waar actress.


She then went on to add that Ali’s claim of acquittal is false, as her case was dismissed on the basis of jurisdiction. “My case was dismissed as I was not employee of Ali and my case did not fall under ‘workplace harassment law’,” said the 37 year old artist.

“But I urge the authorities to make laws for women like me who are self-employed and can face sexual harassment in professional dealings, why there’s no law to protect such women,” asked Meesha.


The singer also shed light on how she has also faced consequences and pressure after she came out and spoke against Teefa in Trouble star. She reiterated that she will not cry on television as she had gotten the nerve to bear everything as she chose to speak up on Twitter.

“I had a vicious year, my character has been slandered in all possible ways and I have tolerated it all,” said Meesha. Adding further, “As far as the recent hash tag ‘face the court Meesha’ is concerned, let me tell you I haven’t been called by the court as of yet, when they’ll call me I’ll go and face it,” she said.


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