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Meghan Markle Loses First Round of Defamation Lawsuit, Will Pay £67,888 as Damages

The Duchess agreed to pay the defendant's legal costs in case of loss


Meghan Markle who is currently suing the Mail on Sunday for a 2019 article has lost the first round of battle thus resulting in a heavy dent to both her reputation and pocket.

While the loss has made Meghan’s stance against the publication look bad, it’s the £67,888 in legal costs of the defendants that will further worsen the matter for the Duchess of Sussex.

The loss came on the back of Meghan’s attorney’s argument that the Mail on Sunday manipulated the grievances of Meghan and her estranged father Thomas Markle to fuel the fire.

In defense, the publisher Associated Newspapers Limited maintained that the argument was irrelevant and be omitted from the proceedings.

High Court’s Justice Warby passed the verdict in favor of ANL and as per the written submissions by both parties, on July 22 2020 the claimant agreed to pay the defendant’s costs in full (£67,888) which now the Duchess will pay.

As per estimates the total amount of this lost round will cost Meghan around £100,000 if her own legal fees is included.

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