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Mehwish Hayat amuses fans by calling herself “Biryani-girl”

Pakistan’s media industry’s iconic actor Mehwish Hayat amused her fans by calling herself “Biryani-girl”. In a recent social media post, the actor spoke about her first love.

Taking to Instagram, the Load Wedding starlet revealed that “Biryani” is her first love and advised the South Asian Women not to let anyone treat them like “boiled-rice”.

“Don’t let anyone treat you like boiled rice, you are biryani baby-girl!”, Hayat captioned her post, and the hashtag was #BiryaniWillAlwaysBeMyFirstLove.


Soon after Hayat shared her thoughts, several other actors also send in their endorsements. Ayesha Omar wrote: “Oh yeahhhh baby girl.”

While Sarish Khan, who was Miss Pakistan USA, replied, “I needed to see this today! Remember our biryani – Mac n’ cheese convo?”

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