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Mehwish Hayat Breaks Silence Over Leaked Video

The actress was recently bashed for declining to comment on Kashmir issue

Mehwish Hayat Breaks Silence Over Leaked Video

Mehwish Hayat who has time and again won her fans’ hearts for progressive and informed opinions, recently embroiled into a controversy as a video of a charity event recently leaked.

In the video, Mehwish is seen declining to comment on Kashmir issue despite the reporters repeatedly asking her to. Mehwish finally denies answering by saying “mana kar diya hai,” (I have been told not to speak”.

Of course, the video angered the fans who expect somebody like Mehwish to be more vocal on such an important issue like Kashmir. The Namaloom Afraad actress faced quite a lot of backlash from fans on social media, following the incident.

However, Mehwish has now finally broken silence on the matter and issued a logical clarification.

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“The leaked video is being taken out of context. I’ve been the most vocal on #Kashmir issue globally & will continue to do so. I have big plans for the next steps. This was a charity event & was requested by the PR not to be political & not distract from the orphans I was there to help,” said Mehwish on Twitter.

Given that Mehwish was asked by PR to not politicize the event and focus on the orphan’s charity, I think we all should let this matter go and continue to cheer for our much-loved starlet.

In a series of tweets, Mehwish Hayat shared the actual clip claiming her point of view was fabricated.

The starlet wrote, ” Not that any clarification is needed. But here are clips from the same event as the leaked video where I think I am talking abt Kashmir – there are several others as well. Before defaming me in the future – look at the whole picture first. Tarnishing my image in this way will not…“.

In her next tweet, she shared, “Tarnishing my image in this way will not stop me from fighting for the Kashmiri cause as I have been. I am humbled by the fact that my opinion means so much. I see it as a responsibility and will not shy away for fighting for injustices where ever I see them“.

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