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Mehwish Hayat Brings Attention to Garbage Around Margalla Hills

The actress urged the citizens to ensure the capital's cleanliness

Mehwish Hayat's Brings Attention to GarbageIt always disappoints me to see all this litter and filth, Mehwish - OyeYeah News

Mehwish Hayat is often seen discussing important issues on her social media accounts particularly Twitter, and this time it’s no different. The Dillagi actress has now brought attention to the messy situation of Islamabad’s attraction spot Margalla Hills.

“I love going up to the Margalla Hills whenever I can. It always disappoints me to see all this litter and filth,” tweeted Mehwish.

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“I somehow expected more from the Islamabad crowd to keep these places of natural beauty clean. Is this the image we want to be showing to the tourists who visit?” asked the actress.

Soon in response to Mehwish’s tweet, her fans came forward concurring with her observation. One even mentioned that despite anything else, Margalla Hills is home to over “1000 wild species including migratory birds” and that should be enough for us to be considerate about the habitat.

“When you raise your voice for something the administration always takes notice so it’s good to see you raising your voice for Margalla Hills,” wrote another fan.

Earlier Mehwish had tweeted in dismay after seeing poor conditions of Jinnah International Airport’s washrooms, and soon the authorities took notice and cleaned the premises. Here’s hoping this time too the actress’s voice reaches the concerned authorities.

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