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Mehwish Hayat shuns detractors in recent interview

Mehwish Hayat is currently the most-talked actress in Pakistan keeping a high profile after she was awarded Tamgha- e-Imtiaz for all her performances that were declared ‘outstanding’ by the government. The actress gained accolades from people, as well as faced backlash at the same time by some critics for not having done enough to receive the highest national award.

The Load Wedding actress has appeared in an interview with BBC Asian Network where she had talked a lot about her experiences/struggles in the industry, ethnic, working across the border and yes, she couldn’t overlook her Tamgha-e-Imtiaz related fiasco that has been the topic of unstoppable debate for a longtime.

The 36-year-old actress whilst speaking throughout of her career, stated that over the past two years, she has realized that acting for a movie or drama shouldn’t be the only thing to do but instead voice for the causes she believes in.

“It is all about being fearless, which I have always been with my roles, my careers, and my choices. Why not raise my voice against issues that I feel strongly for. That’s why I have been very vocal about things and I am glad people respect that and that they listen to me,” Hayat said showing her strength towards the notion.

Talking about the debacle that took social media to storm afterwards she had received the prestigious civil award, The Punjab Nahi Jaungi starlet said:

“Being a public figure I am used to trolling and criticism and it’s okay, everyone has their own opinions. However, questioning my character and credibility was crossing the line.

Hayat went on giving a befitting answer to detractors, “My contribution to Pakistani cinema and art were overlooked and it was assumed that I slept my way to the awards. That was crossing the line, I had to stand up and fight… No one can question my credibility and character, they don’t even know me.”

“As artists we deserve respect and acknowledgement, and mindsets are changing but we still need to work on that mentality. We generate money, in 2017 our movies made around 2.5 billion rupees and in 2018 approximately 5 billion rupees, so it is a growing business we’re all contributing towards bringing a softer image of Pakistan to the world. All we ask is respect and acknowledgement,” said Hayat.

The actress also denounced the idea of being judged by those she didn’t even know: “Being a part of this industry does not mean we have forsaken our morals… We as artists are very emotional and sensitive people and we haven’t forsaken our morals.”

“We belong to a very glamorous industry, it is all glitz and glamour and we have to show some skin, we have to wear western clothes, I had to dance in Billi because I am an actress and that’s a character I am playing.” She added.

Samra Mazhar

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