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Mehwish Hayat Thinking to Become Artist with Karela Art 

Earlier last week the world was perplexed as Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s Banana Art – basically, a banana with a duct tape hung on the wall – was sold as art worth $120,000. Perrotin, the art gallery where the event took place, has confirmed that two versions of the ‘art’ have been sold out with third soon being sold for $150,000.

Umm okay . . .

Like all of us, actress Mehwish Hayat is too scratching her head wondering what is passing off as art these days.

“I am a self-confessed art lover but I fail to understand some things that are passed off as art these days,” tweeted Mehwish referring to the Miami’s Art Basel event where the banana art was first revealed.

“Actually thinking of becoming an artist myself and taping a karela (bitter melon) to the wall. If the Banana was sold for $120K wonder how much that would make,” she pondered on Twitter.

We too are wondering the same Mehwish, we too.

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