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Mehwish Hayat’s recent social media posts leave fans concerned

The reason became Punjab Nahi Jaungi star's cryptic captions on her posts.


Popular Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat enjoys the limelight not just for her acting performances but for also being active on social media.

However, Mehwish Hayat’s few recent social media posts have left her fans concerned.

The reason became Punjab Nahi Jaungi star’s cryptic captions.

In one of her recent Instagram Story, Mehwish wrote,”Hum wahaan hain jahaan se hum ko bhi.. Kuch hamaari khabar nahi aati.”


A recent post on her Instagram had a caption: “Why do I feel like I’m fighting on my own.”

In her other post,  Mehwish captioned her photo, saying, “All women are actresses, dear. I am just clever enough to get paid for it”.


In her other Instagram post, Mehwish Hayat shared a black and white photo of her’s with a caption, “In my defense .. the moon was full and I was left unsupervised.”

Many of her fans were left worried for the starlet over her recent messages. Many responded with prayers of her well being.

While her cryptic posts were making fans worried, Monday morning saw social media stormed with a new controversy in the shape of an alleged leaked video.

However, the actress is yet to respond to the leaked video controversy.


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