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“Men can also get breast cancer” – Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan slams troll and creates awareness regarding breast cancer


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and while most of us are aware of breast cancer, we do not give it the attention it requires. Many forget to take required steps to identify the disease in its initial stages.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women in Pakistan and yet, speaking of one’s breasts is considered a forbidden topic.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre are currently running this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with renowned female celebrities, Mahira Khan, Sanam Saeed and Maya Ali who are busy spreading awareness on social media.

Speaking about the limited knowledge we have regarding the subject, Mahira shared on Twitter that she got 11/15 on her breast cancer knowledge even though she “thought she knew all she could about breast cancer!”

A Twitter user tried trolling her by replying, “You were wrong, Your tits are soo small just like your knowledge.”

Mahira, however, used this as an opportunity to teach people a lesson. She replied saying, “It’s because of people like you women don’t even bother saying the word ‘breast’ let alone go for an examination. Why don’t you take the quiz, to be more aware for the women in your family and yourself (men can also get breast cancer).”

More power to you, Zaalima!

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