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Minsa Malik files an FIR against fellow actor Alizeh Shah

Minsa Malik alleges Alizeh Shah abused her during a shoot while being high on drugs

Minsa Malik has filed an FIR against fellow actor Alizeh Shah, it emerges on Wednesday.

Malik lodged a first information report (FIR) on August 15 at 7 PM at the Women Center G-7 police station in Islamabad, citing a violent incident and requesting additional security measures.

She also highlighted that the alleged unprofessional behavior displayed by Alizeh Shah began prior to this particular incident.

Minsa Malik attributed Alizeh Shah’s behavior to what she deemed “professional jealousy,” suggesting that her actions were rooted in envy.

The filed report alleged that Alizeh Shah tried to torture Minsa Malik during the shooting of a TV drama in the federal capital and also threw a burning cigarette at her.


Malik, in her filed complaint, alleges that “The camera was rolling, the shooting was ongoing for Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani, and I was in the scene. Alizeh Shah was also present, and she was evidently high on drugs. She approached me and threw a marijuana-filled cigarette at me. I moved back to avoid her, and in reaction, I slapped her. She then started acting physically assaulting me. She used abusive language and tore her own clothes while yelling.”

The FIR further stated, “Alizeh Shah tried to throw her sandal at me (Minsa Malik), but I moved out of the way. She was completely high when she misbehaved. The camera shooting the scenes also captured the video of us during the chaos. Alizeh insisted that the video should not get out, as it would be the ultimate source of her defamation.”

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