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Mohsin Abbas Haider to play a pivotal role in Rafay Rashdi’s web series, Baadshah Begum

Rafay Rashdi has truly gotten together a powerful cast for his web series


Faysal Qureshi, Iman Aly, Gohar Rasheed, Imran Ashraf and now the very versatile Mohsin Abbas Haider, seems like Rafay Rashdi is handpicking the best in Pakistani entertainment industry for his web series Baadshah Begum. Based on a script by Saji Gul and revolving around sibling rivalry and a game of power, Baadshah Begum has definitely given rise to our expectations as the best from the industry enter with their A game into digital space.

Rafay Rashdi himself announced Mohsin’s entry in Baadshah Begum through a social media post.


“a fantastic, and stellar performer who’s probably given the performance of his lifetime, in the very recent ‘critically acclaimed’ and socially relevant and powerful #MeriGuriya 💔

An individual with many talented faces, whether that is RJing, Singing, Theater, Films and Television – an all rounder – but above all a creative, and patient soul. a rising star ⭐

@mohsinabbashaider I’m thrilled to have you appreciate the writing(s) of @saji.gul, im ecstatic to have you play the noblest, and wisest sibling of them all,” wrote Rashdi on his Instagram.

Moshin Abbas Haider is an amazing performer. His talents are not only limited to acting but he happens to be an excellent singer and a lyricist as well. His character Dabeer in Meri Guriya will perhaps go down in the history of Pakistani drama industry as one of the darkest and most brilliantly portrayed character. Currently awaiting the release of his film, Baaji, Mohsin Abbas Haider will now star in Rafay Rashdi’s web series Baadshah Begum.

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