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Mohsin Abbas Haider, Nausheen Shah open up about depression

The due talked about their hands on experience with depression in Ahsan Khan's talk show


Mohsin Abbas Haider, needs no introduction. Nor does the style diva and very talented actress Nausheen Shah. The duo recently appeared together in Hum TV’s drama Deewar e Shab, where Mohsin performed a cameo. The pairing however, was appreciated much, for the duo’s style of acting.

Nausheen Shah and Mohsin Abbas Haider, also made an appearance in Ahsan Khan’s talk show Bol Nights With Ahsan and it is there, that the duo, opened up about depression and anxiety, sharing on public platform, what a menace depression is and how it eats up a person on the inside.

During the conversation Mohsin Abbas Haider talked about the time he suffered from severe depression.

“It was a challenging time for me and I just wanted to quit. Suicide seemed my only way out,” said Haider.

Adding further, he recalled a shattering situation,”I remember heading out with the intention before my family realized I was missing after a while. They went looking for me and my baaji found me nestled by our mother’s grave, asleep.”

Mohsin also shared how the severity of his depression had made him go public last year and how he was overwhelmed by the support that he received.

Backing Moshin’s stance on the seriousness of mental health and depression, Nausheen added, “I feel him because I have been there for seven years. I overdosed on Lexatonil to work through the day. I would pray 5 times a day, cry my heart out and still feel down.”

Nausheen also shared how it was Shahroz Sabzwari who probed her on sets one day and took her to a doctor, because of whom she was doing much better now.

Following the show, Ahsan Khan took to his social media to highlight how important mental health was and the responsibility to open up about such topics and discussions. He lend his support to not only Nausheen and Mohsin but everyone and anyone suffering from any mental health issues.



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