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Momina Mustehsan writes an open letter talking about the Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar Issue

Momina Mustehsan came into lime light after her appearance on Coke Studio. She gained popularity overnight after singing Afreen Afreen in a duet alongside the music maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Since then Momina has had a massive fan following over social media.

On her Instagram account, the follower count is over one million and likewise on Twitter. The lady has been noticed not only for singing but also for raising her voice over various issues including women empowerment.

This came with no surprise as Meesha Shafi’s claim of sexual harassment is being discussed at so many platforms that Momina Mustehsan has also put her share of thoughts.

”#MeToo needs a response #ImSorry from the offenders. Nothing will change until they acknowledge their fault, apologize unconditionally and learn from their mistakes”, shares the Afreen sensation in a carefully penned down open letter


In her open letter, to one’s astonishment and disbelief Momina also discloses to be victim of harassment herself. Momina writes, ” I too have been a subject of harassment, and this issue is bigger than just Ali Zafar”. Certainly harassment is a grave matter which should not me down looked at any cost. When the whole nation follow celebrities at various platforms and such allegations start to surface up showing darker side of show biz industry people will certainly refrain to work there. And the worst thing for the Pakistani society will be the restrictions imposed by families on allowing their females to work in such environment.

Momina also addresses the ongoing victim shamming trend over social media. Making her point she says,”I personally stand to lose much more than I will ever gain, BUT this cause is greater than any one man or woman. It’s about humanity and dignity, about equality and honor. I pray that people will stand by women who have been violated and victimized”.

For the effort she has put in, Momina is getting praises on social media to which she has returned her thank you note as well.

It’s only been a day since Meesha Shafi opened up; people have finally came forward sharing their version of #MeToo stories. Meesha Shafi and MeToo has been trending over social media for Pakistan.

More Women Come Forward Accusing Ali Zafar Of Sexual Harassment After Meesha Shafi


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