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Money Heist adds Neymar Jr.’s scene to the series re-edited version

Neymar's scenes were dropped from season 3 of Money Heist following rape accusations


Neymar Jr. made his acting debut with his favorite TV series, rather popular on Netflix, Money Heist. The football star shot for his cameo role and appears in episodes 6 and 8 of season 3. The scenes of the Brazilian player were recorded at the beginning of the year.However, since the rape accusations on the footballer were still in the court, awaiting trial, his scenes were dropped from the series that aired.

Now, after the court dismissed the case and cleared Neymar of the charges citing no solid evidence found, producers of Money Heist have now added Neymar’s scenes to the third season of the series, in the re-edited version.

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The 27 year old footballer will be seen playing the character of a monk in episodes 6 to 8 of the third season of the popular Spanish, Netflix series.

The Spanish production, which follows the story of how a criminal gang break and escapes from the Royal Mint of Spain (season 1 & 2) and how they bargain for the release of their gang member from the police (Season 3)broke audience records. The third season of Money Heist had more than 34 million viewers worldwide in the first week of its premiere.

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