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Mufti Menk is in Pakistan to help flood affectees

Mufti Menk is in Pakistan to help flood affectees!

Famous Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Ismail ibn Musa Menk visited parts of Sindh, which is the most affected province by floods.

He noted that the situation is “unimaginable” and called on the people to donate as much as possible to cushion the plight of the people.

Mufti Menk shared the details of his visit on his Instagram account, saying, that he visited Pakistan with just one intention: to reach out by delivering some aid and creating further awareness about the plight of the millions who’ve been affected by the devastating floods.

“Please forgive me for not being able to entertain any unrelated meetings, visits, or invitations. I made no exceptions,” he added.

“Please do whatever you can with any reliable charity or partner for those affected. We will have to assist for the next few YEARS,” Menk said.


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It came as a pleasant surprise for Pakistanis, who find out about his presence in the country through social media.



Earlier, he also offered a special prayer for the victims of the worst flood situation in Pakistan. In a statement on Twitter, Mufti Manik wrote that his heart is with the people of Pakistan as they are facing the worst flood in years.

Mufti Manik wrote that it is a prayer that Allah Ta’ala makes things easy for them and protects them from all kinds of harm.

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