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Mujahid Rasool speaks out against sexual harassment in the fashion industry

The fashion industry may seem all glitzy and glamorous from the outside but inside has some serious loopholes. Its surely refreshing to see superstars interviewing each other on morning shows, actors acting out their parts and pretty models walk the runways. However, there is a lot of corruption and sexual harassment going on in the background , that young aspiring models suffer when shown the ugly underbelly of this fashion industry.

One such model, Mujahid Rasool has decided to come forward on Instagram calling out the ugly culture of sexual harassment going on in the fashion industry that no one talks about, specifically the exploitation of male talent by male gatekeepers.

In what seems to be a series of Instagram posts uploaded by the young model, he uses the hashtag #MeToo along with the caption “I have been struggling in this field for 7-8 years which has been an experience full of harassment.” The model explains how throughout his career he has to meet with statements like “I have my own conditions! can we meet alone? Show me your nude pictures?” and that he definitely is not the only model to have faced such form of harassment and there could be many out there falling prey to such predators.


The model further said, through his post, that no action is taken against these culprits of sexual harassment and much talent goes to waste due to such indecency and nepotism that exists within the industry. Mujahid also talked about how young models are not harassed by only one particular designer or person of influence but by a number of famous designers photographers and etc.

Followed by long post, Rasool also shared screenshots of unnamed persons offering him a job, with some inappropriate ‘conditions’ attached. “The screenshots I’ve shared are from a famous designer and from a content head at a major production house in Karachi,” says Rasool.

In a separate post, he also alleged that the photographer Azeem Sani wanted Mujahid to trade sexual favors in exchange for work opportunities.

What Mujahid Rasool decided to disclose to everyone, is nothing but applaud worthy as it is not easy to come out and share one’s personal experiences of sexual harassment. While the model may have received much criticism from his peers and people claiming how he could have simply denied their requests, it is sad to say that the problem Mujahid identified is much graver than simply saying no to such predators of young talent.

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