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Nadia Jamil continues to be a warrior against cancer, shaves her head post-chemo treatment

"I like the new me... Surviving the pain is such a victory", share Nadia


Nadia Jamil continues to be a warrior against cancer and shares heartfelt notes along with her shaved head post-chemo treatment photos.

One of Pakistan’s strongest and our most favorite actress, Nadia Jamil, recently underwent surgery and is now recovering well.

This time Nadia took to social media sharing the latest update as she had to shave her head due to extensive hair fall, a side effect of post-chemo treatment.

“I like the new me… Surviving the pain is such a victory … Every day is a victory …I know tomorrow will be awful with the nausea and fatigue…but then there will be another victory. Sometimes something small like finishing a meal or having water is a victory”, shares Nadia.


“The night of Laylatulqadr I was reading Surah Yousaf & the words Fasabirun Jamil stayed w me from an ayat of the Surah. Not just patience..but patience of deep beauty,” she captioned her photos showing shaved head.

She also revealed how her hair had been falling in huge clumps which had been ‘petrifying’ to deal with.

“That night I washed & conditioned it sobbing, w rose smelling shampoo. I knew this was goodbye 2 a part of my self I had hidden behind 4 years. My hair, like many of us, had been my vanity, the face I wanted 2 show the outside world. If it wasn’t looking good I felt nervous, bad about myself,” she shared.



She also shared a video clip that captured the moment when her head was being shaved.


Here at Oyeyeah, we wish Nadia Jamil a speedy recovery.



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