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Nadia Jamil Says Public Hanging of Rapists will not Curb the Menace

Television actress Nadia Jamil whose last onscreen presence was in Damsa – a series based on child abuse and trafficking – took to Twitter to share her view on the public hanging of rapists that is being dubbed as the ultimate solution to the rape menace in the society. The actress stated that such public display of punishment might desensitize the crimes and the need is to sensitize the masses instead.

“In the dark ages, people were publicly beheaded, their heads stuck on display. Everyone would walk past, stare, and walk on,” Nadia wrote in the first of her series of tweets.

“Violence continued, rape spread like wildfire and became a common tool of war to avenge. Men were stripped off of their sensitivity and women were forced to be badges of honour.”

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In another tweet, she wrote, “A sentence of 30 years behind bars is worse than a minute that ends with death.”

Referring to New Zealand’s example where “investment in high-quality education” resulted in “boom of children happiness chart, protection, prevention and sensitising the populace” the actress said that choice is ours to make.

“The choice is ours as a collective. Guns, bombs, brute power or art, literature, music, laughter? Sensitivity or harsh walls blocking out empathy & emotion? Peace or rape? Safety or this world we have ruined for ourselves? The choice is ours, we are a collective. Let’s choose love,” wrote Nadia.

Alongside the actress also emphasized on speedy justice which would give a sense of security to the masses who otherwise might drift to a mob justice mentality.

“We will be safe when justice is speedy and regular. When laws protect and the rich, powerful murderers, rapists, drug lords, criminals are punished as well those without money, power or land. We will be safe when humanity, not politics rules the day. We will be safe when we choose to,” tweeted the actress.

While in an Instagram post she asked for speedy regular justice:


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