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Nadia Jamil pens a heartfelt note about surviving cancer

Jamil, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, announced her full recovery in June.

Nadia JamilFormer actor and host Nadia Jamil | OyeYeah News

Former actor and host Nadia Jamil took to social media sharing a heartfelt note about surviving cancer.

Nadia who herself was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, fully recovered in June.

Sharing her experience battling the disease, Nadia in a heartfelt note said: “When I try to walk now, I see the pity in peoples eyes. Especially people who recognise me. They remember this energetic woman, able-bodied, full of energy & bounce, with thick, long, glamorous hair. They can’t register this slow, shuffling, broken-bodied, short-haired woman as their Nado. But this is me. This is your Nado.”

She went on to add: “And I Iike this me, more than any other past version of me. She’s slower, she’s often in physical pain, but she’s really tough, under her fragility. And she’s learning new levels of strength, every day.
If you want to label me, label me a Survivor. A survivor of so many things.”

“A survivor doesn’t give up. And if she does, she ends up surviving, and then… That’s when the party starts. Because then… she learns how to live more beautifully than she has ever lived before.
She paces herself, loves herself. Rests in nature. Smiles at people. Befriends the trees and everything around them. She needs no validation from you because she sees herself clearly. How wonderful to slow down. And take it all in,” Nadia added.

“So this is was what I was missing when I was buzzing around like a busy bee. I like that I survived, to learn.
And I will survive again and again. So when you see this slow, shuffling, curly short-haired version of Nado, see beyond her body, because now, I have the mind, the heart, and the will of a Cheeti, a Lion, a super nova, the miraculous resilience of a tiny atom, the will of an army of ants,” she said.

Known as NJ Lahori on social media, Nadia concluded saying: “Please see a blessed survivor loving every glorious minute of this life & herself. Surviving the pain & the pleasure that comes with every healing breath. Self-parenting as she lets go of her Self & surrenders to the Will of the Universe… And it’s Creator.”


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