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Nadia Jamil Shares She is ‘Officially Cancer-free’

Here at OyeYeah, we wish her good health and happiness for years to come.

Nadia JamilNadia Jamil Shares She is ‘Officially Cancer-free’ | OyeYeah News

Veteran actor and former morning show host Nadia Jamil shared the good news with her fans that she has cleared all the cancer tests and is “officially cancer-free.”

The Damsa star has been sharing her journey of being diagnosed with and fighting cancer on social media, this time too made the announcement in an Instagram post.

“Officially cancer-free. All tests cancer clear. Shukar Alhamdolillah. Thank you ALL 4 your love, prayers & support. I have some nerve damage in my feet due 2 the brutal chemotherapy, but I shall live 2 dance my way, coz bhangra is all in the shoulders anyways,” Nadia captioned her insta post.



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She went on to thank her friends who have been her constant support during the tuff days, saying, “Thank you @scaryammi.anasir 4 giving me a platform 2 work, during my financially trying times. I’m also eternally grateful 2 ALL my friends & family. You know who you are. Some friends in the industry always felt by my side, @thesaniasaeed @muniba.mazari @sultana.shum.tv @adnansid1 thank you.”

“Some colleagues now megastars, would repeatedly give me a time 4 a small chat, then have me wait/chase them. I can only pray Allah brings respect & humility 2 their hearts. After all fame & name is nothing in the scheme of the universe & we are all, in the end, buried in the same soil,” she added.

Nadia went on to say, “I have in my #journeytowellness learned the hard way 2 shed those who make me feel small & irrelevant. And embrace those who show kindness & respect.

I have made new friends & family, 2 whom I am bound 4 life, not by blood, but by the solid support they offered me during cancer & isolation during the pandemic. These incredible souls are a great blessing.”

“In the end, though, I have stood by myself. It is my breath that keeps me alive, my Self that protects me. It is my mind that wakes up 2 the dawn light, searching 4 clarity, loving green trees moving against silver-blue skies. It is my heart that feels full 2 the brim w gratitude & joy 4 every amazing blessing & gift the Creator exposes me 2,” she added.

Nadia added, “Sunlit skies, peaceful nights, birdsongs & flowers, friends w smiling eyes, family & neighbours w kindness in their words. So much love surrounds those of us, who choose 2 see it. So much strength is given 2 us, if we choose 2 reach 4 it.”

“The darkness will descend again. It is bound 2, for what is light without darkness. But it shall also pass again. And although I shall fall again, I know I have the will 2 learn 2 stand. And w each fall, I shall rise stronger & clearer. May I always be shown the path towards Truth, kindness, humility, respect, love, & then hv the sense & will 2 walk it. Shukar Alhamdolillah & Thank YOU so much.” she concluded.


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