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Nadia Jamil Suffers Seizures; Assisted By Fawad Khan On Flight

Nadia Jamil and Fawad Khan made a beautiful pair in Behadd. More than the on screen chemistry, the bonding between the two was rather evident. Fawad Khan has always been a good friend to Nadia Jamil and she has never hesitated to talk and praise him and his generosity.

It was earlier this year when Nadia Jamil shared how she had been having seizures and wasn’t in the best of her health. However, the fighter lady soon recovered and got back on track. Health issues might have kept occurring every now and then, but Nadia Jamil was not the one to give up.

In a recent Twitter post, the actress announced that she was all set to return to television as well, with a new challenging project. However, yesterday, it seems that Nadia was again, met by a seizure and is not in the best of her health, yet.

Taking to Twitter, the actress shared how she had had a seizure on a flight, as the plane landed and had been assisted by Fawad Khan, who just happened to be there.

When all goes well but exhaustion finally breaks me down & 2 seizures as plane lands.Suddenly I hear a voice “it’s ok” & its Fawad Khan. Who calls my brother.Opens my suitcase,gives me meds & doesnt leave me till Im safe w my bro. Thanks 2 him & Dr Anil #Angel #friend #humanity❤️

Adding further, the Mere Aas Pass actress shared how she wanted her sons to learn from Fawad. “Fawad was amazing. Everyone should be like him in a time of crises. Respectful,understated, calm,kind, utterly heroic, reliable, humble. He was off 4 a shoot.Stopped everything 2 help me till my brother got 2 me.I truly want my sons 2 learn from him.Utter gentleman,total humanitarian,” wrote Nadia.

This is not the first instance that we’ve heard of Fawad Khan’s humanitarian nature. The actor previously had helped an injured person in the middle of the road, during an accident.

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