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Nadia Khan opens up about the failure of her first marriage

"I knew that this marriage was a mistake within the first 10 minutes," Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan for the first time opened up about the failure of her first marriage.

Popular host and now a digital content creator while making an appearance in an interview with Pakistani actor and host Sajid Hasan, opened up about her first marriage which she thought was unfit in the first ten minutes of the ceremony.

“We were two very nice people but our temperaments never matched. We were both very different,” Nadia Khan said opening up about her former marriage.

“I met a boy in one place, and my second meeting with him was at my engagement,” she added.

Nadia said her first husband approached her house and asked for Nadia’s hand in marriage.

However, it took ten years to divorce him as she was scared of her father and society.

After 10 years, she dared to tell her father about her unhappy marriage and after listening to her, Nadia’s father instructed her to get back to Pakistan on the first flight.

Nadia Khan also disclosed that she has two children with her first husband.

Pakistani television actress and morning show host emphasized the traditional thinking of society that talks about when a woman marries for the second time.

She went on to say, “A part of me is so old-fashioned. I forget all the exposure I have had, but a part of me is so conservative because I was born and grew up in a certain environment. I cannot leave that behind. This is why I spent 10 years in my first marriage.”

Nadia further elaborated, “I knew that this marriage was a mistake within the first 10 minutes. I still spent 10 years because I couldn’t rid myself of the whole ‘divorce’ stigma. I gave it everything to make it work.” Despite her early realisation, she committed to making her marriage work.

“My friends are witnesses to this I just knew that the marriage was a mistake. That it was unfair to both of us… I am very stubborn. I had entered a commitment and I was bent on seeing it through to the end,” she added.

Reflecting on her tumultuous past, Nadia said, “A lot of my friends have been divorced. When my friends would discuss their marriages with me, I would ask them, ‘Is he a good father? If yes, then bear it.’ When I’d hear a bad father, I would say leave your husband.”


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