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Nargis Fakhri to spook in horror film ‘Amavas’

Sensational actress Nargis Fakhri is all set to feature in a horror film for the first time and is making somewhat of a comeback in Bollywood movies. The action Thriller film ‘Amavas’ is hoping to make an impact with the fans.

Amavas stars Nargis Fakhri and Sachiin Joshi in lead roles. Directed by Bhushan Patel — whose credits include gory titles ‘Alone’ and ‘1920: Evil Returns’ — their latest offering is pegged on the usual horror trope around a haunted castle, a loved-up unsuspecting couple who are intent on spending time at the eerie mansion and who refuse to leave even if ungodly things happen in their new home.

Amavas may be high on tropes, but is not sleaze maintains the actors.

“I believe horrors and thrillers are such powerful and interesting genres. They don’t need to rely on sleaze to make an impact. I personally love watching horror films. So being part of this film, on paper seemed very exciting when it came my way,” said Fakhri in an e-mail interview.

Her co-star Joshi claims that Amavas is as good as any other Hollywood horror flick. He plays Fakhri’s on-screen partner Karan. Both believe that their film will go a long way in resurrecting Bollywood’s waning reputation with horror films.

“Horror is considered to be sleazy and a tainted genre in Bollywood because the audience expects a lot and they compare it to Hollywood. Unfortunately, in Hindi cinema when you make horror films they are focusing on the scares along. They forget about the most essential element — the story. With Amavas, the perception is going to change. It has a great story and VFX that has never been seen before. It is as good as any other English film,” said Joshi in a separate interview.

The movie was originally meant to release on January 11, 2019.

The producers of the film did not want it to clash with The Accident Prime Minister. There are also reports that the post-production and visual effects were cause for the delay.

The film is slated to hit the theatres on February 8, 2019.


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