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Natalie Portman’s statement at ‘Power of Women’ event goes viral!

In her speech Natalie Portman also referenced the legal challenges most survivors of sexual violence face in United States.


The Black Swan actress Natalie Portman spoke at an event “Power of Women”, last week. Her speech from the event is going viral on the internet where she outlined several suggestions to help end sexual harassment and violence.

Natalie Portman gave a step by step guide on how to help women. Step 5: “Gossip well. Stop the rhetoric that a woman is crazy or difficult. If a man says to you that a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him: what bad thing did you do to her?”.

Unfortunately, many made their focal point not her speech but her dress. Natalie wore Christian Dior Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection. But it was her speech, which deserves far more attention than the dress after all it was an event named “Power to Women”. It’s been almost a year when #MeToo movement originated from Hollywood and traveled far and wide.

In her speech Natalie Portman also referenced the legal challenges most survivors of sexual violence face in United States. Citing the example of the criminal case against Harvey Weinstein in which he has pleaded not guilty to five sex crime counts.

She said, “Our legal system and our culture protects the perpetrators of sexual violence, not its victims,Harvey Weinstein, the man whose name has become synonymous with sexual violence, might never suffer any legal consequences because of that. What other women in our industry and in other industries have been silenced and shut out in that way?”.

Portman ended her speech by saying, “Many men are behaving like we live in a zero-sum game. That if women get the respect, access and value we deserve, they will lose. But we know the message of the mammaries: The more milk you give, the more milk you make. The more love you give; the more love you have. And the same can be said of fire. When you light someone else’s torch with your own, you don’t lose your fire, you just make more light and more heat.”

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