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Naveen Waqar shares her fitness regime with fans

She says her aim is fat loss and not weight loss.

Naveen WaqarMy aim is to lower my fat levels, Naveen Waqar - OyeYeah News

Popular TV actor Naveen Waqar reveals in a recent insta post that the focus of her fitness regime is fat loss and not weight loss. The fitness conscious actress shared her work out routine and diet plan in a detailed post with fans.

She started off by revealing her fitness aim and the mix of workout techniques she practices to achieve it, “Everyone has different needs when it comes to working out. My aim is to lower my fat levels. For that I people lift heavy but I’m doing a mix of HITT/Tabata/Circuit training for now. It’s hard but it works.”

The actress reinstated her main fitness goal that is fat loss and not weight loss, urging fans to keep the two separate.


”Lifting will come later for me. Its gonna take time because fat loss and weight loss are 2 different things.”

Naveen then talked about her diet and how she keeps it balanced being a foodie and particularly a meetha lover. She shared that she starts the day with overnight soaked oats for energy and proceeds to snack on blueberries, sugar-free/whole wheat cookies, almonds and dark chocolate.

For carbs she includes, brown rice and roasted/steamed veggies. Chicken, fish, eggs and lean meat, in addition to seafood in her diet.

The actress continued the post by urging fans to remain active and consistent with their fitness regime and to enjoy it.

Naveen ended her post thanking fans who have been supporting and cheering her up over her fitness and motivated girls and women to start off with workout as it is not just going to shape up their bodies but also benefit their skin.

‘I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if I can do it, so can you!’ the actress concluded.

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