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Nayyar Ejaz Blasts Government for Karachi’s Mess After Recent Rains

The veteran actor urged the higher ups to take prompt actions


Nayyar Ejaz, the most talented and renowned artist of Pakistan showbiz industry, has won many hearts with his versatile acting skills. He is known for many impactful characters and his ability to get fully immersed into the character. He was recently highly praised for his role as Chaand Kamal in Baaji.

The versatile actor, however, refuses to ease up to the current situation of Karachi. He recently, posted a video on social media where he highly condemned the poor infrastructural facilities and electrocution issues of Karachi after a heavy spell of rainfall.

Nayyar Ejaz advised the government to take more effective steps towards the infrastructure of electric poles and wires which has increased the casualties from electrocution. He also pointed out the flooding issues in the city.

“During the past seventy years, we as a society have regressed so severely that if our children go out to play in a little rain, they will be electrocuted and die,” said the Namaloom Afrad 2 actor, as he expressed his distress upon the current state of the city.

The actor also pointed out the inefficiency and incapability of our country to handle a few rain showers compared to other countries. He further mentioned that paying taxes and bills has done them no good, as there seems to be no improvement in the system of drainage and roads. He mentioned that the government wrongly focuses more on their internal political affairs instead of paying more heed to administrative issues of the country.

“I urge the government to safeguard the little happiness that rain pours upon our deserted land and protect our children by taking action against whichever organization is responsible for this maladministration.” said the veteran artist.

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