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Netizens set some scores straight with Ushna Shah over her tweet for Late Qavi Sahab

Netizens set some scores straight with Ushna Shah over her tweet for Late Qavi Sahab!

It seems like the popular actress is free from her wedding festivities and took some time to ponder her thoughts about the veteran actor Qavi Khan, who passed away earlier this month.

Ushna said, “I have a question for the Pakistani drama industry: How many lifetime achievement awards did Qavi sb receive before he passed? I have a question for the audience: How many did he deserve? RIP Sir, we are sorry.”

Qavi sb has (rightfully) received many national civilian accolades. I questioned my fellow drama industry, which is privatised now. Let’s give our legends their flowers while they’re here. As an industry we can always, always do better, myself included.” she added.

Stop making a point out of everything! here is how netizens responded to Balaa star’s comments.

A Twitter user wrote: Those of us who knew Qavi Sahab up close knew that he was told that he was being awarded Life Time Achievement Award and was cancelled last minute. Ushna is referring to that. Qavi Sahab will always be in our hearts. As Qavi Sahb would have said “oh kaun log ho tussi”

Another user responded: How many times did you care to ask this question when he was alive? The ones who are still breathing, you ppl do nothing to protect their rights! In fact, you love to pass your criticisms, and when someone can’t be helped anymore, you use these paragraphs to gain sympathy!

Another Twitter user replied: You have been in the circuit for a while now, which award ceremonies in Pakistan do you think GENUINELY give out awards? I don’t know, so I don’t have an opinion, but the general perception is they are all a facade… if true, don’t u think any of those would be pointless anyway?


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