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Now another singer accuses Kailash Kher, Toshi Sabri of sexual misconduct

Singer Varsha Singh Dhanoa has accused Kailash Kher and Toshi Sabri of harassing her.


The #MeToo movement has truly taken over India and it’s becoming hard to keep count of the many powerful men accused of sexual misconduct. Women have finally realised the power of their voice, and that has made them unstoppable.

Recently, singer Kailash Kher was accused by multiple women, a journalist and a fan, of sexual harassment. Sona Mohapatra, a notable name in the music industry has also revealed that Kailash Kher misbehaved with her. She too accused him of sexual misconduct.

She wrote: He put a hand on my thigh and said things like, “You’re so beautiful” and “I feel so good that a ‘musician (Ram Sampath) got you’ and not an actor”.

Now, another singer, Varsha Singh Dhanoa, has taken motivation from the ongoing #MeToo movement in India and has accused Kailash Kher as well as music director Toshi of sexual harassment.

In a video that she released talking about her experience in detail, she said that Kailash Kher used to message her inappropriately and also forced her to meet him alone as he wanted to ‘love’ her.

Varsha also accused musician Toshi Sabri stating that he called her for a recording and asked that she sit with him in his car and offered her liquor. He then put his hand on her thigh.


She declared that she was going through depression at this point, and the incident scarred her. As a result, she couldn’t meet any director for her singing career.

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