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Pakistan remebers Asma Jahangir on her first death anniversary

11th February marks the 1st death anniversary of Asma Jahangir


Today, i.e. 11th February marks the 1st death anniversary of Asma Jahangir, the iron lady, as she was popularly known. Asma Jahangir earned the title because of her undying spirit and strength that made her a resilient human rights activist and a lawyer who knew how and when to take a stand and not budge. She passed away last year due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

To commemorate the life of Asma Jahangir, The Asma Jahangir Legal Foundation will be conducting a ceremony to pay accolades to the advocate’s voice against intolerance and injustices around the country.

Pakistan also is paying tribute to Asma Jahangir for her relentless services for the human rights;





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