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Pakistani Artists Slam Priyanka Chopra for Her Demeaning Attitude with a Pakistani Girl

Priyanka Chopra came under fire yesterday for her condescending response to a Pakistani girl at Beautycon


Priyanka Chopra, who might have been amongst Pakistan’s favorites too, yesterday came under huge fire as she tried to belittle a Pakistani critique at Beautycon, New York. The Pakistani girl, Ayesha Malik, called Priyanka out for her ‘Jai Hind’ tweet in February – in accordance with the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India after Pulwama. Ayesha asked Priyanka of her position as UN Ambassador for peace, her high talks of humanity and yet supporting war as she was seen on Twitter.

Ironically, two guards snatched the mic from Ayesha in between and did not let her finish her question. And if this was not ridiculous enough, Priyanka’s response added fuel to the fire.

Instead of stopping the guards from snatching mic from Ayesha – and living up to her image of ‘freedom of speech’ supporter – Priyanka found an opportunity to demean the Pakistani girl. As a response to Ayesha’s allegations, this is what Priyanka had to say.

“Whenever you’re done ‘venting’,” said Priyanka to Ayesha for voicing her opinion.

“Don’t yell girl, don’t embarrass yourself,” said Priyanka to the girl who had to yell because duh her mic was taken away?!

“I have many Pakistani friends,” she also said which can be translated as (I have many black friends – says a racist white person).

While Priyanka did not have a substantial response to the allegations and pretty much embarrassed her designation of ‘Peace Ambassador’, Pakistani artists did slam the actress for her hypocritical and condescending approach.


“Where are Pakistan’s representatives to reply to this? Where is our love for the people who idolise and follow us? Will anyone respond clearly and categorically to this because she is a walking disgrace to the very word humanitarian,” wrote Armeena Khan on Twitter.

Veena Malik was rather harsh in her response to Priyanka, “An Indian Actor whoz Biggest claim to fame is getting married to a “Gora Larka” gets the  the mic snatched from a girl before she is done with her legitimate  Question and then Gaslights her with saying” Don’t Yell Girl n embarrass Yourself”…one word #Trash #PriyankaChopra.”

Masha Pasha too took it to Twitter to slam the Bollywood actress.

“It’s horrifying that she actually patronized her later in her reply by saying “dont yell gurl, dont embarrass yourself.” The fact that you’re an Ambassdor for the UN is bloody embarassing when you lack the basic empathy to understand she has every reason to be upset,” Tweeted Masha.

Journalist Meher Tarar too had a remark for Priyanka’s shameful behavior.

“Priyanka Chopra silently watches while the mic is snatched-by 2 Hulk-type security guys-from the hands of a young woman who keeps on talking w/o a mic. On top of that, Priyanka insults her.The mask of fake humanitarianism slips faster than one can say United Nations ambassador,” wrote Meher.


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