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Pakistani stars share their support for Saba Qamar!

Social media is the fastest medium to spread the news! Be it good or bad, true or false, word, pictures and videos spread like wildfire! The recent victim of the internet is Saba Qamar, who’s BTS pictures went viral and the entire nation felt it was its duty to mock and abuse the Baaghi star.

The pictures are screenshots taken from a BTS video for a photoshoot. Saba is seen holding a cigarette which could even be a prop for the shoot and wearing a white see-through shirt that was probably supposed to be covered with another layer.

People went as far as to call her the next Qandeel Baloch and that her end would be the same! However, while not many came to her defense, Pakistani stars Adnan Siddique, Osman Khalid Butt and Aijaz Aslam are a few that spoke up and shared that they are disgusted by those circulating Saba’s pictures!

Osman Khalid Butt


Aijazz Aslam


Adnan Siddique


While we think of ourselves as keyboard warriors, sometimes its good to let go of things which do not concern us directly. Saba Qamar has been a star for all of us, and bringing her down like this is something that isn’t justified at all. What are your thoughts?




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