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Pakistan’s Fragile Morality, Challenged by Mehwish Hayat’s Clothes

The actress's recent rehearsal video has many talking

Pakistan's Fragile Morality, Challenged by Mehwish Hayat's Clothes

Mehwish Hayat recently participated in Hum Awards in Houston and had a blast while performing on Kaala Doriya song. Prior to the performance – which is yet to be seen – the actress shared a rehearsal video of herself dancing alongside Ahsan Khan on social media.

“Setting the stage alight with the fabulous @Ahsankhanuk at the 7th Hum Awards rehearsals. Together after 5 years! If you think this is hot… just wait till you see the final performance,” the Loadwedding actress captioned the video.

Now while many enjoyed Mehwish and Ahsan’s well-choreographed sequence, there was a segment of Twitteratis who felt offended due to Mehwish’s pink and white exercise gear and called it ‘vulgar’. These Twitteratis felt that the morality of this whole universe had been challenged and Mehwish’s dress had brought shame to the name of her country.

Before going further, let’s just take a moment here to recall what Mehwish has achieved in the span of 2019 only.

The actress has received Sitara e Imtiaz last year, then went on to be awarded Pride of Performance in Norway and also has been nominated among Muslim women bringing a positive change with their influence. In addition, the Dilagi actress has also been vocal on humanitarian and political issues and is dubbed as a strong and informed woman in international circles.

But, but, but …

All this went down the drain as Mehwish chose to wear a “vulgar” dress on the rehearsal of an award show.

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Without going in the centuries-old debate of women’s right and choice to wear what they like, or as Mehwish responded to a hater on social media, “It is my prerogative to wear whatever I so desire,” – let’s just reconsider the numerous times Mehwish has made Pakistan proud with her insightful remarks on international forums and entertainment performances on television.

We can also take into account that the actress has been among the very few from our industry to have a philanthropic role in society and if that is not enough to make Pakistan proud, then very unapologetically, her clothes cannot challenge the morality of the country.

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