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After Parwaz Hai Junoon, Shaz Khan is all set to woo audience with Lamhay

After the release of Parwaz Hai Junoon this Eid Ul Adha, making 17.9 Million from the local box-office on an opening day, the film has managed to genuinely hook the audience with such a strong storyline and a star-cast. Shaz Khan who is known to be the most content-centric strong actor, who’s spell-binding acting skills and looks has charmed the audience, not just in Pakistan but worldwide.


From Shaz’s debut film Moor to his debut drama Yaqeen Ka Safar till PHJ, he has proven to be an actor who discovers the depth of the character and story before portraying it.

After recently playing a character of a Squadron Leader, Shaz will be seen as Hashir, who is a westerner and has an unpredictable volatile side. A non-resident Pakistani who comes back to Pakistan for his grandmother and now trying to figure out a drastic shift in his life and to get in touch with his roots. The drama will keep the audience glued with twists, turns, and conundrums, unfolding of the characters and the way the story is told.


The drama is directed by Amna Nawaz Khan under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions. Alongside Shaz, Zara Noor Abbas has also played a powerful character of Aleena who is the caretaker of Hashir’s house. The first episode was critically praised by audience and reviewers.

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