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Perez Hilton Slams Lady Gaga Seven Years After Breakup

The American blogger and online columnist Perez Hilton has come forward and unleashed his wrath on ex-girlfriend Lady Gaga, as he alleged that the latter used him with fake intentions and discarded him once his purpose was fulfilled.

“At the time, I was incredibly disliked by celebrities. So if a star wanted to be my friend, I believed them,” Perez who is now releasing his book TMI: My Life in Scandal, said while talking to a radio show about his book and particularly parts about an affair with Gaga.

“I didn’t question them, I was naive in thinking their motives were pure and their intentions are true. After Gaga and I had our falling out, it became apparent to me, wow, she was just using me,” he added of the relationship which seemed pretty serious in 2008 with Hilton referring to Gaga as ‘wifey’ on numerous occasions.

“And when she didn’t need me anymore after she became the biggest pop star on the planet, she tossed me aside — that hurt,” he said while adding, “I only look back on that era with pride. I was a part of something special, I saw something in her before most people and I played a big part in helping her.”


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