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The piking mystery of the ‘Khaas Lamha’ among Iqra Aziz, Wahaj Ali, Emmad Irfani

Something is fishy has been going on among the trio of popular actors Iqra Aziz, Wahaj Ali, and Emmad Irfani.

It all started off with an Instagram post. Iqra Aziz posted a picture with Wahaj Ali talking about a ‘Khaas lamha’, on which Emmad Irfani commented all upset about why she didn’t ‘pik’ him for the ‘khaas lamha’.

The thread goes on when Iqra Aziz tells him that she has ‘piked’ the ‘khaas’ one and asks him not to spill any more beans. What could this ‘Khaas lamha’ possibly be?

Emmad Irfani, despite Iqra’s wish not to spill more beans, posts a picture on his Instagram with Iqra sharing his khaas lamha which is apparently from a shoot they did together. What is going on?

These three definitely seem to be up to something, dropping hints here and there and asking fans to make guesses about what’s going on.

What could this mean? Perhaps a project they will do together? A drama? A movie? What are your thoughts?

This trio has never shared the screen together before and so these Instagram posts have fans excited and anxious in wait to see what could possibly be the story behind them.


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