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PPP Lodges FIA Complaint Against American Blogger Cynthia Ritchie

American blogger based in Pakistan, Cynthia Ritchie has stirred a storm with her latest tweet against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and her marital matters with former president Asif Ali Zardari. The tweet, that came in reference to Uzma Khan and Amna Usman scandal, has compelled Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to pursue legal action against the influencer.

Taking it to Twitter, Cynthia recently wrote, “This echos stories of what BB used to do when her husband cheated. She’d have the guards rape the women.”

“Why do women condone this rape culture? Why aren’t the men ever held accountable? Where is the justice system? To Pakistan’s youth: please reject this backward thinking!” she further wrote.

The tweet quite certainly did not go well with Twitter users and late Bhutto’s supporters, many of whom urged PPP to take the matter as a defamation attempt and file a complaint. As a result, a complaint against Cynthia has been lodged at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cyber crime wing.

The complaint filed by advocate Shakil Abbasi of PPP states that the tweet represents Ritchie’s ill thinking and has intentions to malign the rapport of the former PM. Furthermore, it is requested in the complaint that FIA takes prompt action again the US origin blogger for her malicious tweet.

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In addition to the legal action taken by PPP, its members also came out on social media to condemn Cynthia’s actions. Senator Sherry Rehman in particular addressed the matter as she called out the influence of tarnishing the image of a woman who stood for women’s rights.

“I usually don’t dignify such garbage but this is libellous, heinous slander based on malicious lies. Attributing such filth to a champion for women’s rights, a martyred prime minister degrades the writer of this bot-handle more than anything else,” wrote Rehman as she also tagged Twitter to take action against Ritchie.

According to Dawn News Urdu, FIA has confirmed that there has been development in the complaint filed by PPP and needful will be done.

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