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Prince Harry Drops Royal Surname in Latest Business Documents

The Prince have omitted HRH and Mountbatten-Windsor titles for his travel company paperwork

Prince-HarryPrince Harry has submitted for his travel company Travalyst - OyeYeah News

The former senior British royal and presumably soon to be former Duke of Sussex Prince Harry has made one more attempt at cutting off his monarch family ties as he omitted his royal surnames for the latest official documents. According to sources, the Prince let go of HRH and Mountbatten-Windsor from the paperwork he has submitted for his travel company Travalyst.

Instead the former royal opted to go by the name Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex. Interestingly, he might soon also be giving up his Duke of Sussex title as he carries out the plan of settling in the US and obtaining the nationality of his wife’s country.

Earlier last month Harry and wife Meghan moved to Vancouver Island, Canada where they initially intended to settle with son Archie. However, after the Coronavirus outbreak, the couple moved to Los Angeles – Meghan’s hometown – where it is said they’ll be raising Archie.

As part of the ‘moving on’ and becoming ‘financially independent,’ Harry has hit another nail in the coffin as he now secluded his family given last names on the official documents. Travalyst is a green travel company that will work on creating awareness and opportunities for eco-friendly traveling options and incite its customers.

On the documents of the upcoming company, Harry has stated himself as an ‘individual person with significant control in the firm’.

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