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Prince Harry Lashes Out at Media As Meghan Sues The Mail

Recently a British tabloid The Mail published a handwritten letter Meghan Markle had allegedly wrote to her estranged father Thomas Markle. The forged letter as claimed by Meghan and husband Prince Harry is an attempt to malign the Duchess’s private and public life.

Earlier on Sunday the Duchess sued the Mail for publishing the letter as the Duke then issued a strong statement against the media in support of his wife.

“Unfortunately, my wife has become one of the latest victims of a British tabloid press that wages campaigns against individuals with no thought to the consequences — a ruthless campaign that has escalated over the past year, throughout her pregnancy and while raising our newborn son,” said Prince Harry as he lashed out on the media outlet on Tuesday.

“There is a human cost to this relentless propaganda, specifically when it is knowingly false and malicious, and though we have continued to put on a brave face — as so many of you can relate to — I cannot begin to describe how painful it has been,” he added.

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Prince Harry who is known to despise media in his young years due to his mother’s constant scrutiny by the media, has once again reiterated that he finds similarity between his mother’s media trial and his wife’s.

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“My deepest fear is history repeating itself. I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces,” he further said.

The Duke warned that he and his wife have been forced to take action against the propaganda and they’ll now seek justice. Schillings is the law firm the couple has hired for the case as the pursue the matter.

On the other hand, the Mail has stated that if stands by its story published regarding Meghan Markle’s letter and the letter was not fabricated or edited in any way.

“Specifically, we categorically deny that the duchess’s letter was edited in any way that changed its meaning,” said the tabloid in its statement.

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