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Prince Harry’s friends will first watch ‘The Crown 6’ to warn him of sensitive material: report

The latest season of Netflix’s global smash hit centers on the tragic death of Princess Diana — Harry and William’s beloved mother.

Prince Harry’s friends will first watch ‘The Crown’ to warn him of sensitive material, a report claimed on Friday.

The first four episodes of the final season of The Crown arrived on Thursday.

Later episodes will, inevitably, lead up to the horrific crash that killed Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed in 1997.

As reported, Prince Harry will have a “sensitivity viewer” brave Season 6 of the Netflix series “The Crown” so that he will not have to face any traumatic content.

The new season features a scene depicting the final time Diana saw her sons and imagines their final conversation on the telephone.

And having sensitive content, the first four episodes of the sixth series are likely to strike a devastatingly personal note for both Princes William and Harry, being almost wholly concerned with Diana, Princess of Wales’s final weeks, her death and its immediate aftermath.

The new season also features the dramatization of the moment both Princes William and Harry were told of Diana’s death, although there is no dialogue and the viewer simply watches the young boys’ heart-wrenching reactions.

The report claims that one source close to Harry said they may watch it first in order to save him from anything he may not wish to see.

As per The Telegraph report, The Duke of Sussex is expected to watch his final conversation with his mother dramatised in the final series of The Crown, some sources have said – but his brother, the Prince of Wales, will not tune in.

“Due to the sensitive nature of content in upcoming episodes of The Crown, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have understandably decided not to view this season,” said a source.

The Prince of Wales previously expressed frustration with The Crown Season 4 of the Golden Globe-nominated show, specifically with its take on Diana’s BBC Panorama interview.

However, earlier this year in January Harry admitted to watching “The Crown” as made a special appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” and said goes so far as to “fact check” the show’s account of the royal family.

Harry discussed the controversial drama when asked if he had “binged” anything on TV lately.

Colbert asked if “The Crown” was one of the shows, saying the prince “had to have watched some” of it given that it’s all about Harry’s family.

“Yes, I have watched some of ‘The Crown,’” he revealed before Colbert asked if he’s watched any of the recent episodes.

“The older stuff and the more recent stuff,” Harry clarified.

Harry was then asked if he did any “fact-checking” while watching the show, prompting an animated response from Harry followed by laughter from the audience.

“Yes, I do actually,” Harry revealed. “Which, by the way, is another reason why it’s so important that history has it right.”


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