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Are Prince William and Kate Middleton heading towards a divorce?

Rumors have it, William cheated on Kate with her friend Rose


The rumors mills are never resting and even the British Royals are not spared. The current grapevine has it that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are headed for a divorce now, after William reportedly cheated on Kate with her friend, Rose Hanbury.

It all started when The Sun published a piece that stated  Duchess of Cambridge and Rose had a falling out, after which Kate told Prince William to “phase” Rose out. Although no reason came forth for the alleged affair, it was told that this was the reason behind Prince William and Harry’s difference and not Meghan Markle.

Rumors state that  Kate “immediately confronted” husband William about the alleged affair, and he “just laughed it off saying there was nothing to it.” According to The Globe, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now  consulting lawyers regarding the divorce proceedings.

The Kensington Palace is yet to make remarks about the entire debacle. However, for now, Prince William is currently in New Zealand meeting Muslim community leaders and victim families of the Christchurch attack. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit North Wales on Wednesday 8th May to meet individuals and organisations in the region who are encouraging people to look after their communities and protect the natural environment.



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